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All Hamilton escorts here.
Top call girls in Hamilton, Ontario.
All call girls Hamilton / KatieSharon

Escort Hamilton KatieSharon, +1 (607) 270 0057

+1 (607) 270 0057On duty
Please let me know that you found me through the website ;)
Call girls Hamilton — escort KatieSharon


Age: 26
Height: 156
Weight: 53
Bust Size: 3

Nationality: Canadian

1 hour: 100
2 hours:
All night: 300
Outcall: yes

Time to call: 10:00 — 00:00

Last update: 02.03.20
Ad number: 581273

Escort Preferences:
Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Anal sex
Oral without condom
Group sex / Gangbang
For family couples
Lesbian sex
Pussy licking
Role playing
Toys / Dildos
Golden Shower
Reviews and comments:
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I’m in Guelph do you travel that for if my plans fall though tonight can I text you around 12 then I will know and it says $300 for the night??
Wrote Jason at 07.12.23, 15:14:42.
Are you available tonight
Wrote Taher at 25.11.23, 06:47:08.
Are you available
Wrote Mike franks at 01.11.23, 03:25:54.
Are you available
Wrote at 29.10.23, 08:35:10.
Good morning are you available
Wrote at 29.10.23, 08:34:35.
Come over
Wrote at 21.10.23, 16:39:35.
Now come over
Wrote George Zervos at 21.10.23, 16:39:21.
Call me plz
Wrote at 21.10.23, 16:37:24.
I wanna eat your pussy and do a few lines plz
Wrote George Zervos at 21.10.23, 16:36:50.
Im down if you are game
Wrote Raf at 08.10.23, 04:40:58.
Wanna Meet , waiting for ur reply
Wrote Jack at 05.10.23, 15:32:51.
Hope your having a good day looking to have some enjoyment for the evening if your available
Wrote Ken at 24.09.23, 16:29:41.
Are you available ?
Wrote at 27.08.23, 22:13:14.
Where abouts are you located
Wrote Chad at 15.08.23, 15:10:15.
2898284985 txt me
Wrote at 11.08.23, 20:57:24.
Can I have your number if your in Hamilton,,,?
Wrote Mark at 11.08.23, 20:57:09.
We e are you living l would like to get together
Wrote at 05.08.23, 19:40:37.
We e are you living l would like to get together
Wrote at 05.08.23, 19:40:00.
Do you come to St.catharines
Wrote Tristan at 28.07.23, 05:30:21.
Let’s meet on Sunday eve
Wrote Ronny at 21.07.23, 01:26:42.
U aval
Wrote at 01.07.23, 22:46:17.
You available?
Wrote at 29.06.23, 06:22:51.
Hi how r u? my name is nelson and Im looking for a date tonight r u available?
Wrote Nelson at 09.06.23, 16:19:11.
Where are u located?
Wrote Silensio at 09.06.23, 08:40:49.
Estás disponible aora
Wrote Alexander at 04.06.23, 00:02:21.
Looking for long weekend if available
Wrote Warren at 14.05.23, 04:54:10.
Fake ad
Wrote Boris at 19.03.23, 20:16:19.
Are you available tomorrow night how about 700 oclock 2 hours dear
Wrote Mark at 05.03.23, 04:39:51.
Hi are you busy tonight
Wrote at 24.02.23, 22:14:37.
Fake ad
Wrote Mile at 16.02.23, 21:35:06.
Wrote at 09.02.23, 16:19:06.
Hello I was wondering the soonest date I could have the pleasure of your company for an outcall and if you like to party?
Wrote Simon at 21.12.22, 08:00:00.
Wrote Mile at 17.12.22, 19:42:03.
When can you in the next three days?
Wrote Steve at 11.12.22, 12:50:45.
I would love to meet up let me know when you are free
Wrote Foxfire46er at 07.12.22, 07:11:41.
In hamilton area interested
Wrote at 13.08.22, 05:39:48.
Wrote at 30.07.22, 12:28:57.
Morning you 420 kool and do you want coffee
Wrote at 30.07.22, 12:28:40.
Wrote vicks at 19.07.22, 04:03:34.
Hey, I know its, late but do you live in Hamilton? If so Im definitely interested in booking and appointment with you!
Wrote Ted at 08.07.22, 02:13:38.
Another Fake ad
Wrote Mile at 28.06.22, 05:16:23.
Wrote at 27.06.22, 23:57:11.
2 hours of play
Wrote Big guy at 02.06.22, 04:03:52.
2 hours of play
Wrote Big guy at 02.06.22, 04:03:50.
I know its late, are you from Hamilton? If so I am interested in booking an appointment with you
Wrote at 31.05.22, 03:16:13.
Hey I know it’s late but are you in Hamilton?
Wrote at 31.05.22, 03:10:24.
Wrote Roberto at 30.05.22, 14:44:05.
Wrote Roberto at 30.05.22, 14:43:42.
Hey when are you available for an overnight
Wrote Jay at 27.05.22, 12:48:48.
Wrote Steve at 16.05.22, 03:50:30.
Wrote at 16.05.22, 03:49:58.
Fake ad
Wrote Mike at 02.05.22, 21:27:58.
Is it fake?
Wrote jake at 16.04.22, 21:55:15.
You available
Wrote at 02.04.22, 19:57:40.
100% fake ad just like most on this site
Wrote Tony at 01.04.22, 23:11:05.
I know its late, are you from Hamilton? If so I am interested in booking an appointment with you
Wrote Pete at 03.03.22, 07:00:16.
Yes ad is fake, so are many of them on this site.
Wrote Mike at 22.02.22, 00:13:28.
Wrote Mike at 19.02.22, 22:08:43.
Hi Im Chris are you available
Wrote Chris at 16.02.22, 07:04:26.
Wrote at 09.02.22, 03:37:53.
100% fake ad
Wrote Joe at 05.02.22, 02:17:48.
Yes 100% fake ad just another fake one on this site
Wrote Rin at 30.01.22, 21:35:03.
Fake ad
Wrote Mike at 17.01.22, 02:28:56.
Txt me 3653661432
Wrote at 26.12.21, 12:39:45.
I have tried to call a few times as well and no answer
Wrote Mike at 21.12.21, 11:38:03.
Just tried to call and nothing just kept ringing
Wrote Joe at 19.12.21, 04:56:46.
Everytime I try to call there is no answer either
Wrote Joe at 16.12.21, 22:58:21.
I just tried to call too and nothing.
Wrote George at 11.12.21, 20:54:07.
I also tried to call her, I don have time for games
Wrote George at 06.12.21, 19:37:03.
I have been trying to contact you as well?
Wrote Roberto at 01.12.21, 23:36:25.
I have been trying to get a hold of you as well?
Wrote George at 30.11.21, 22:11:12.
Are you available tonight?
Wrote Mike at 28.11.21, 03:17:11.
Looking to meet up tonight?
Wrote Mike at 26.11.21, 22:35:34.
Are u available tomorrow
Wrote Far at 24.11.21, 04:06:22.
Hello anyone there
Wrote at 22.11.21, 01:13:06.
You available outcall now?
Wrote Jamiw at 22.11.21, 00:36:01.
Wrote Kevin at 18.11.21, 22:30:52.
Hey are you available?
Wrote Kevin at 18.11.21, 22:30:10.
Hey there, are you free tonight?
Wrote Cam at 12.11.21, 04:19:22.
Are you available tomorrow
Wrote Alex at 10.11.21, 20:29:25.
Are you still available tonight babe?
Wrote Johnny at 02.11.21, 01:54:28.
Are u working now
Wrote Nick at 23.10.21, 11:23:23.
Are you available for an entire evening tonight in Hamilton?
Wrote Paul at 21.10.21, 18:33:29.
Im in Hamilton would like the hour?
Wrote SAINT at 17.10.21, 02:35:20.
Are you available?
Wrote SAINT at 17.10.21, 02:34:05.
Hey baby are you party friendly
Wrote Armando at 04.10.21, 01:27:42.
U able to come to Ancaster nowish 9055366844
Wrote Andrew at 30.09.21, 10:28:16.
Are u able to come tomorrow for 2 hrs fir sx . Cash is ready
Wrote at 30.09.21, 06:42:36.
Are u available tomorrow?
Wrote at 30.09.21, 06:36:35.
Likw to meet at my place. 2 hrs
Wrote Far at 30.09.21, 06:35:17.
You able to come to Ancaster some time tonight
Wrote Andrew at 30.09.21, 05:44:03.
You Available all night
Wrote Slov at 25.09.21, 20:45:39.
You free tonight
Wrote Mark at 20.09.21, 20:11:25.
Wrote Corey at 17.09.21, 13:18:57.
are u free tonight
Wrote bart at 12.09.21, 21:17:35.
Hamilton? 1hr? Today before 4pm?
Wrote Vj at 10.09.21, 14:34:32.
Like to meet you at my place hour
Wrote Mike at 29.08.21, 00:03:00.
Wrote Wes at 04.08.21, 05:12:19.
Wrote Wes at 04.08.21, 05:12:04.
Are you available for an hour
Wrote at 30.07.21, 02:21:24.
Are you available for an hour
Wrote Roy at 30.07.21, 02:21:04.
Are you available for an hour in the Hamilton area tonight
Wrote Justin at 27.07.21, 19:40:25.
Are you free today.. my email is
Wrote Gary at 23.07.21, 14:52:13.
Hey I was wondering if your available tomorrow afternoon
Wrote Austin at 18.07.21, 06:40:18.
Hey, are you available tonight?
Wrote Chris at 17.07.21, 04:31:18.
Hi sweetheart your gorgeous , I called you you can call me Steve , at least a couple of hrs if not all night ????
Wrote Steve at 10.07.21, 22:03:03.
Are you with a condom or bareback style
Wrote Alex at 21.06.21, 16:05:04.
Are you available for tonight
Wrote Mike at 20.06.21, 04:58:07.
Are you available
Wrote at 20.06.21, 04:57:33.
Hello there
Wrote at 18.06.21, 18:51:43.
Are you free today
Wrote Kyle at 04.06.21, 16:53:05.
Are you available
Wrote Chris at 31.05.21, 11:13:59.
Hello hany are you available
Wrote Norbert at 29.05.21, 18:09:18.
Hello hany
Wrote Norbert at 24.05.21, 21:18:57.
Hey so Im just curious is the golden shower is a give or receive or can it be both ways?
Wrote Joey at 21.05.21, 06:19:32.
No more pics ? Gorgeous girl
Wrote Dave at 19.05.21, 04:42:43.
Want to come over
Wrote Matt at 13.05.21, 07:07:48.
Hey are you available tonight?
Wrote Shane at 09.05.21, 16:54:24.
Are you available
Wrote at 03.05.21, 03:03:24.
U available?
Wrote Alfonso Hernandez at 02.05.21, 10:18:05.
You available tonight?
Wrote Chris at 02.05.21, 00:22:15.
U available?
Wrote Johnny at 26.04.21, 06:33:45.
You busy?
Wrote Kevin at 24.04.21, 08:09:30.
Hi beautiful you available
Wrote Greg at 23.04.21, 05:51:06.
Hi are you available tonight
Wrote Dan at 13.04.21, 04:09:30.
Are you available
Wrote Greg at 13.04.21, 00:12:35.
Hi you available
Wrote at 03.04.21, 06:15:45.
Hey there
Wrote Steve at 02.04.21, 00:00:05.
Hi cal me when your free not free but free time
Wrote Chris at 26.03.21, 02:32:44.
I’m interested for tonight let me know if you’re available
Wrote at 22.03.21, 15:45:01.
I want to meet
Wrote Chris at 15.03.21, 21:23:01.
Location or willing to travel
Wrote at 15.03.21, 21:22:28.
Hi you are incredibly gorgeous and I’d love to spend some time with you at least a hr
Wrote Steve at 15.03.21, 19:00:43.
What about having some fun at my place tonight?
Wrote Joe at 21.02.21, 00:15:51.
Hey beauty what about tomorrow night
Wrote Joe at 16.02.21, 03:20:27.
Hay looking for some fun r u available
Wrote Rob at 15.02.21, 18:45:37.
Hey beautiful are you free for tonight?
Wrote Joe at 23.01.21, 17:35:05.
Hi Katie I’m interested for tomorrow and looking for the whole night are you available
Wrote Don at 09.01.21, 02:56:34.
Hi gorgeous are you available right now or in the next few hours?
Wrote Manny at 30.12.20, 11:46:31.
Was wondering if you could do a out call tonight
Wrote Mark at 26.12.20, 07:52:30.
U real?
Wrote at 19.12.20, 08:29:14.
hi sweetie are you free tonight?
Wrote Nick at 13.12.20, 06:00:21.
Hi. I ami trested in you.
Wrote Alen at 11.12.20, 01:18:47.
Really want to meet you!
Wrote Warren at 01.12.20, 05:01:01.
Wrote at 21.11.20, 15:17:09.
Hey beautiful are you available
Wrote at 18.11.20, 06:36:17.
Hi gorgeous ???? are you still available tonight
Wrote John at 11.11.20, 17:49:28.
Hey. Are you available tonight. I would love for you to show me a good time
Wrote Alan at 19.10.20, 02:24:23.
When r u avalble
Wrote John at 18.10.20, 19:15:45.
Hey when you r available?
Wrote Rahul at 17.10.20, 11:36:05.
Just want u to dance
Wrote Gsry at 14.10.20, 04:01:18.
Are you available in Hamilton
Wrote at 08.10.20, 03:56:49.
Are u available
Wrote bert at 02.10.20, 05:57:33.
Hey u available
Wrote Tyler at 07.09.20, 09:32:55.
Hi when are you available
Wrote Martin at 29.08.20, 01:01:05.
Hi you free?
Wrote Mock at 28.08.20, 00:55:41.
Do you do pegging? strap on play?
Wrote lovekink at 23.08.20, 16:12:31.
Hey there How you doing Are you available
Wrote Raad at 23.08.20, 13:54:18.
Are u available today
Wrote at 17.07.20, 04:25:57.
Are you available today
Wrote Raymond Richards at 14.06.20, 18:40:31.
Are you available
Wrote Jas at 03.06.20, 11:36:27.
You are cute
Wrote Alen at 07.05.20, 11:26:45.

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