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All Hamilton escorts here.
Top call girls in Hamilton, Ontario.
All call girls Hamilton / Andjeline

Escort Hamilton Andjeline, +4474 88 537 202

+4474 88 537 20224 hours
Please let me know that you found me through the website ;)
prostitute Andjeline

Andjeline (

picture Andjeline (independent)

Age: 19
Height: 171
Weight: 50
Bust Size: 2

Nationality: American

1 hour: 70
2 hours: 150
All night: 600
Outcall: yes

Time to call: anytime

Last update: 13.04.20
Ad number: 605676

Escort Preferences:
Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Anal sex
Oral without condom
Group sex / Gangbang
For family couples
Lesbian sex
Pussy licking
Role playing
Toys / Dildos
Golden Shower
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R u available beautiful
Wrote Joe at 20.10.21, 08:07:08.
Hhhiii hope its not too early
Wrote at 15.10.21, 13:07:25.
Are you free now?
Wrote Dan at 10.10.21, 05:15:11.
you available brantford
Wrote marc at 06.10.21, 23:47:48.
Hello there are you available tomorrow. And what are your rates
Wrote at 03.10.21, 05:21:06.
Hey are you available tomorrow
Wrote at 03.10.21, 05:20:18.
Hay hot stuff
Wrote Chris at 03.10.21, 02:06:09.
You available for 5 couple in East Hamilton around 10 pm for 2 hrs babygirl
Wrote Kelly at 30.09.21, 20:42:20.
You available
Wrote at 28.09.21, 01:38:16.
Hi Andjeline If your available today for a few hours outcall, give me a message at 226 280 5985. Im in Hamilton. Thx Ron
Wrote Ron at 19.09.21, 20:22:30.
Hj price?
Wrote Paul at 19.09.21, 02:29:17.
Hey hun. U avail
Wrote Phil at 18.09.21, 23:40:41.
Hey overnights $?
Wrote at 15.09.21, 04:20:50.
Are you free now
Wrote Sam at 12.09.21, 11:08:20.
Hey there hmu let me kno when ur available
Wrote Bud at 12.09.21, 00:23:06.
You free now?
Wrote Elijah at 10.09.21, 03:12:19.
You free now?
Wrote at 10.09.21, 03:10:46.
Are you free
Wrote Matthew at 06.09.21, 21:57:57.
you free now
Wrote James at 06.09.21, 06:23:05.
Rick thats my number 2896591229
Wrote at 05.09.21, 06:04:46.
Wrote at 05.09.21, 06:03:57.
You available tonight
Wrote Rick at 05.09.21, 06:03:18.
Are you available tonight?
Wrote at 01.09.21, 21:25:28.
289-442-2897. Would like to meet.
Wrote Joseph at 01.09.21, 09:48:59.
Lets hook up hour and a half
Wrote Mike at 29.08.21, 00:01:38.
Are you free soon?
Wrote Jay at 27.08.21, 06:16:51.
Hi just wondering are u available for 1.5 hr session?
Wrote Adam at 25.08.21, 22:04:05.
Where you located
Wrote at 23.08.21, 19:22:25.
R u availed in Hamilton for bj in 1hour
Wrote Wayne at 18.08.21, 19:49:53.
Hey are u available
Wrote Triman at 13.08.21, 12:04:45.
U free rn
Wrote Aj at 13.08.21, 01:38:40.
Can we fuck soon.?
Wrote at 08.08.21, 07:54:17.
Wrote Donny at 08.08.21, 03:02:40.
Hey are u available
Wrote at 08.08.21, 03:01:57.
Hi there are you available on hamilton 1hr
Wrote Bert at 02.08.21, 20:36:07.
Sales es que aquí ando en un pueblito por SERCA d wilsonville cuánto cobras asta aquí soy mexicano
Wrote at 02.08.21, 01:26:56.
Wrote Priyo at 01.08.21, 01:12:30.
Wrote Priyo at 01.08.21, 01:12:22.
Wrote Priyo at 01.08.21, 01:12:21.
hey r u free rn?
Wrote john at 28.07.21, 06:49:36.
hi want to hook up
Wrote Bert at 28.07.21, 02:39:15.
You available for all day hun and are you in Hamilton?
Wrote Adam at 24.07.21, 15:34:06.
Are you free today. Do you do Incalls ? What is your rate for that. And where are you located and free around 5ish tonight. My email is
Wrote Gary at 23.07.21, 15:31:26.
Hey I was wondering if your available tomorrow afternoon?
Wrote Austin at 18.07.21, 06:41:15.
How to contact baby?
Wrote R at 13.07.21, 18:35:47.
Heyy don’t know if the last one worked lol. But are u available tn
Wrote Robert at 13.07.21, 08:12:31.
Hey babe u free rn?
Wrote Rob at 13.07.21, 08:03:58.
You free today?
Wrote JJ at 08.07.21, 09:57:02.
Hey babe u free rn
Wrote Steven at 04.07.21, 22:19:45.
Hello are you available for incall today
Wrote Gary at 04.07.21, 20:18:12.
Can i come today?
Wrote Aash at 01.07.21, 14:42:32.
U available
Wrote Vj at 01.07.21, 07:33:29.
Mmm lets say Ill double up, where u located
Wrote Dannyspoils at 27.06.21, 21:04:17.
Are u available?
Wrote at 25.06.21, 05:48:34.
are you available
Wrote at 24.06.21, 05:30:23.
Are you available
Wrote Norm at 23.06.21, 23:47:36.
Hi are you available?
Wrote Chris at 21.06.21, 18:26:43.
R u available
Wrote Ron at 12.06.21, 22:13:20.
Hi are you available
Wrote at 06.06.21, 16:06:29.
U on tn need friend to chat I’m in Hamilton
Wrote Jay at 01.06.21, 08:13:41.
U on tn need friend to chat I’m in Hamilton
Wrote Jay at 01.06.21, 08:13:40.
U on tn need friend to chat I’m in Hamilton
Wrote Jay at 01.06.21, 08:13:40.
Looking for girl that partys
Wrote Chris at 30.05.21, 23:32:29.
I know it sounds dumb but if i pay for a hour and say i don last long is it over after i bust
Wrote at 29.05.21, 00:51:13.
east hamilton/stoney creek
Wrote Chris at 22.05.21, 23:04:57.
You around tonight?
Wrote at 22.05.21, 23:04:00.
How far from cobourg are you?
Wrote Chris at 20.05.21, 22:43:08.
Are u available
Wrote Jason at 20.05.21, 05:39:11.
Wrote Abby at 19.05.21, 06:29:40.
Wrote thomas at 14.05.21, 01:12:16.
Wrote at 12.05.21, 04:06:29.
Wrote Luis at 09.05.21, 12:02:12.
You busy now
Wrote at 08.05.21, 07:19:39.
Ih sexy girl
Wrote at 06.05.21, 23:44:46.
Ih sexy girl
Wrote at 06.05.21, 23:44:36.
Hi beautiful, was playing on the net when I came across you e add, so tell me would u like to speak with a man who does not think of himself first, ( I know the more pleasure I give, the more I receive
Wrote Danny, Hamilton at 06.05.21, 16:32:23.
Wrote at 06.05.21, 15:04:46.
Wrote at 05.05.21, 07:47:28.
Hi there are you available
Wrote Jason at 05.05.21, 02:44:31.
Hey you busy tonight
Wrote at 04.05.21, 23:08:18.
Are you available?
Wrote Paul at 03.05.21, 08:05:14.
Hey are you avaible
Wrote John at 02.05.21, 12:33:31.
Hey I was wondering if your available?
Wrote Milli at 01.05.21, 10:08:41.
U available
Wrote T at 30.04.21, 02:12:11.
Are you available for today
Wrote Paul at 26.04.21, 15:08:15.
Wrote Hh at 25.04.21, 22:19:52.
Hey u done
Wrote at 08.04.21, 03:25:49.
Are you available now for an outcall for an hour
Wrote Link at 03.04.21, 08:17:48.
U available
Wrote Chris at 03.04.21, 02:58:18.
U are sexy and I would like a taste of that
Wrote at 01.04.21, 06:38:58.
I really like to have anal sex with you Im going to stick my cock in your mouth if you e up for it give me a text back
Wrote Roy at 23.03.21, 03:01:06.
Hey you available
Wrote at 22.03.21, 04:05:25.
Heyy u availible now
Wrote at 20.03.21, 20:18:25.
text me male 30 hamilton ontario. looking for massage maybe more beautiful.
Wrote justin at 12.03.21, 05:16:29.
Hi sexy , where you located ??
Wrote at 08.03.21, 02:17:11.
Are you available. In stoney Creek
Wrote Link at 28.02.21, 06:40:25.
U available
Wrote Shaun at 21.02.21, 04:33:43.
Wrote Busy? at 20.02.21, 19:58:00.
Are you in Hamilton?
Wrote Frank at 17.02.21, 06:55:22.
Are you in Hamilton on
Wrote Kan at 13.02.21, 16:06:33.
I want in service please
Wrote Johnjaramillo at 09.02.21, 02:45:00.
I want in service please
Wrote Johnjaramillo at 09.02.21, 02:45:00.
I want in service please
Wrote John Jaramillo at 09.02.21, 02:44:11.
Are you available
Wrote Joe at 07.02.21, 03:52:30.
Hay would love to hook up tomo evening r u available
Wrote Rob at 07.02.21, 01:03:53.
Hi honey are you available
Wrote at 03.02.21, 13:51:13.
Wrote Mike at 01.02.21, 19:20:47.
Hey sexy want to get together tonight
Wrote Mike at 01.02.21, 19:16:59.
Whats yr locatiin
Wrote Tam at 27.01.21, 17:01:31.
Yo where u located
Wrote Zak at 23.01.21, 06:33:44.
Would like to see you sexy
Wrote Mike at 20.01.21, 07:41:03.
If your interested for the night
Wrote Greg at 17.01.21, 03:38:18.
Are you in niagara
Wrote Shahzad at 12.01.21, 02:44:06.
Hey I have a question what’s time do u stop house calls
Wrote Bob at 11.01.21, 23:53:49.
Hey sexy
Wrote Mikey at 11.01.21, 13:06:08.
Hey you available for my gf and I?
Wrote Eric at 09.01.21, 06:36:02.
Are u available
Wrote at 07.01.21, 01:32:26.
Are u available
Wrote at 07.01.21, 01:31:55.
Are you in niagara
Wrote Niazi at 02.01.21, 05:11:56.
Are you open to everything
Wrote at 31.12.20, 23:49:06.
Are you free tonight for An hour or two
Wrote Rob at 25.12.20, 06:34:34.
Can I come to day
Wrote at 23.12.20, 17:25:04.
Hey hun how are you doing today
Wrote Jesse at 14.12.20, 00:28:05.
Are you available around 11 11:30 tonight and can you come to Beamsville
Wrote Cory at 12.12.20, 01:12:42.
Are u available tonight around 11
Wrote at 12.12.20, 01:12:17.
You available
Wrote Greggy at 11.12.20, 09:33:51.
Hi Im interested in getting tonight Im 55 In Hamilton
Wrote at 08.12.20, 20:55:59.
What up
Wrote Stephane at 07.12.20, 03:25:30.
I what up are available
Wrote at 07.12.20, 03:24:17.
Are you available tonight babe?
Wrote Vil at 06.12.20, 00:13:59.
Your number is long distance
Wrote Safy at 30.11.20, 23:49:42.
R u available
Wrote Saffy at 30.11.20, 23:49:03.
Are you available today
Wrote Saffy at 30.11.20, 23:48:45.
Hi baby
Wrote Carlos at 15.11.20, 15:22:15.
Hi baby
Wrote Carlos at 15.11.20, 15:20:46.
R u available today
Wrote at 10.11.20, 01:57:20.
Do you do incall rightnow
Wrote Vish at 05.11.20, 06:57:59.
Can you come to waterdown for a hour ?
Wrote Mark at 01.11.20, 07:40:04.
Hi I was wondering if you could come to waterdown for a out call ?
Wrote Mark at 01.11.20, 04:32:40.
Wrote Ger at 29.10.20, 04:03:12.
You do incall?
Wrote Tyler at 27.10.20, 05:55:56.
U avail
Wrote Phil at 26.10.20, 09:18:47.
Good morning pretty!Are you available now and I want to see you for an hour or two hours
Wrote at 21.10.20, 09:08:46.
U only do outcalls
Wrote P.C at 18.10.20, 09:12:57.
Wrote Rizzy3 at 18.10.20, 01:56:27.
Wrote Rizzy3 at 18.10.20, 01:55:48.
Can u come right now for an hour
Wrote Jason at 13.10.20, 00:31:30.
Hey u can come for an hour
Wrote Jason at 13.10.20, 00:30:56.
You can tomorrow its Thursday at 8:00. P.m. 275 king street west?
Wrote Steve at 07.10.20, 20:23:34.
70 hr 150 2?
Wrote bert at 02.10.20, 05:14:17.
Wrote at 05.09.20, 03:59:45.
I want to fuck hardcore are u up for it im up for you
Wrote Mojo at 21.08.20, 15:54:21.
Wrote at 18.08.20, 17:29:11.
Im really go for a strip cheese and a sexy massage
Wrote Steven at 15.08.20, 15:56:52.
I live in Ontario really go for a strip tease and its sexy massage
Wrote Steven at 15.08.20, 15:56:06.
I want to see you for 2hours if you’re available now.This is my 587 5015132.
Wrote at 03.08.20, 15:14:39.
Hi honey Good morning
Wrote at 03.08.20, 15:12:30.
How do you get your message? I have been messaging you no answer sweetie.
Wrote at 26.07.20, 14:22:47.
Good morning honey
Wrote at 26.07.20, 14:19:06.
I want to see you for 2 hours
Wrote at 26.07.20, 06:57:39.
Hi honey!How do I communicate with you?
Wrote at 26.07.20, 06:56:23.
Are u available now?
Wrote Nick at 26.07.20, 06:34:10.
Hey I live in Hamilton I would like for a night I am a nice guy
Wrote Robert at 18.07.20, 19:48:02.
Hi honey
Wrote at 18.07.20, 09:21:46.
Hi honey
Wrote at 16.07.20, 03:21:36.
Hello am in dundas are u available now for 2 hours
Wrote Ladi at 13.07.20, 11:13:33.
Hi baby is the information ok ?
Wrote Ruben at 11.07.20, 00:17:54.
Me and my girlfriend think your hot and want to get together for 2hrs. If your in the Hamilton area let me know
Wrote Mojo at 07.07.20, 18:44:32.
You real?
Wrote David at 26.06.20, 05:37:13.
I would like you for the night
Wrote Malcolm at 23.06.20, 14:23:50.
Like to see you friday
Wrote Rod at 23.06.20, 03:47:56.
Call me
Wrote Adrian at 11.06.20, 09:41:23.
Hey babe, I am down for you
Wrote P at 02.06.20, 00:53:18.
Wrote Joe at 30.05.20, 05:51:09.
Hi bebe
Wrote at 30.05.20, 05:45:54.
Want to get to know about you. Hey can your number?
Wrote Viranga at 27.05.20, 15:22:51.
When you meet
Wrote at 24.05.20, 22:11:00.
In calls?
Wrote Tyler at 23.05.20, 14:20:53.
Hi honey
Wrote Wilson at 10.05.20, 17:10:02.
Hi honey, I would like to see you.
Wrote Wilson at 06.05.20, 16:19:11.

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